Are Fruits And Vegetables In Cat And Dog Food Safe?

Are Fruits And Vegetables In Cat And Dog Food Safe?

The importance of a healthy and balanced diet is essential for all species. For one thing, the attention that owners place in the food choice for their four-legged friends should reflect a more appropriate selection. That is the reason why you could head to a Centinela Feed and pet supplies to choose among a large variety of pet foods.

The meaning of a varied and balanced diet for dogs and cats

To make a complete feed, the manufacturers choose fruit and vegetables in different percentages depending on the most fitting formulation.

Specifically, fruits and vegetables appear in feed for dogs and cats for two main reasons. First, to obtain a healthy intake of fiber. Second, to add other suitable ingredients to the animal’s diet.

For example, the B.A.R.F diet (based on biologically appropriate raw food, such as raw meat, edible bones, and other organs) require owners to choose with caution. In detail, you must carefully select and weigh everything, so that the nutritional principles remain balanced in proportions. Thus, it is not only the presence of precise fruits and vegetables that contribute to a varied and balanced diet for dogs and cats but the planning too.

What nutritional value do fruits and vegetables add?

Each type of vegetable and fruit brings valuable nutrients to the diet of our dog or cat. For example, green vegetables contain proteins, calcium, iron, and magnesium. On a side note, red ones contain carotenoids and starches. On the other hand, the ingestion of fruits provides microelements (such as selenium) and vitamins (A, B, C, K). Both are essential for proper cellular functioning. Many pet stores, like Centinela Feed & pet supplies, offer products that display a detailed list of ingredients. On the packages, you can usually read which microelements and vitamins the product contains.

The additional benefits of fiber

To emphasize a somewhat unknown benefit, vegetables allow the assimilation of fiber. In essence, it guarantees a normal bowel function. In case of need, dogs and cats already feed on grass spontaneously. In fact, by introducing fibers in their regular diet, owners can help their pets to maintain the regularity of their intestinal transit. If the problems persist, however, it is necessary to visit your veterinarian for a health check.

Vegetable croquettes for dogs and cats contain a variable percentage of fiber. However, if the animal is constipated, you can find specific wet vegetable-based feeds or supplements.