Why You Might Want Or Need To Get Spinal Surgery

Why You Might Want Or Need To Get Spinal Surgery

Since you’re reading this article, there are two possible situations you’re in right now. You either experienced a back injury and are undecided to get surgery or are merely curious.

Either way, it’s still beneficial to learn the possible motivations why one might get spinal surgery. So, without further introduction, these are the most common reasons for getting this type of treatment:

5 Reasons To Get Spinal Surgery

1. Persistent back or neck pain

Typically, when people complain about back or neck pain, most physicians advise them to undergo medication, physical therapy, or start being active physically. However, if everything else fails and further checkups confirm, a doctor will suggest getting spinal surgery.

In many cases, persistent back or neck pain is caused by a worn-out disc, injured vertebrae, or damaged bone at the back. Since massages and physical therapies can’t effectively treat such things, a patient will highly need an operation.

2. Fix a crooked spine

Aside from injuries, many illnesses and conditions can cause the spine to become crooked. As an example, kyphosis and scoliosis make the spine appear in a sideways or bent curvature.

Although such illnesses don’t always require operations, doctors advise getting surgery when the abnormal spine curve becomes too much. In this case, the only effective option is to perform a spine alignment surgery like spinal fusion.

3. Fix a herniated or damaged disc

If you’re unfamiliar, a disc is a bone that acts as a cushion between two vertebrae, the larger bones in the spine. When the nucleus inside a disc protrudes and hits a crack in the annulus, the outer part of the disc, it is called herniation. In order to stop the pain and avoid complications, agreeing to surgery is necessary.

On the other hand, as we age or injure our backs, a disc in the spine might get damaged or worn out. If the pain caused by this becomes unbearable, the doctors might suggest artificial disc replacement. As the name suggests, it is the removal of an injured disc and replacing it with an artificial one, made of metal or a combination of plastic and metal.

4. Repair body malfunction caused by injured nerves or bones in the back

We all know that nerves are part of the nervous system, responsible for coordinating movements and sensory information transmission in the body. Thus, if a nerve in the back fails, a part of the body might stop normally functioning. Just like the other bones at the back, many nerves are attached to the spine, so fixing a damaged nerve might require spinal surgery.

5. Remove a tumor

Spinal cord tumors, vertebral, and other tumors in the back can be caused by different diseases or conditions like cancer and neurofibromatosis. Naturally, if medications can’t dissolve the tumor, the only option left is to perform spinal surgery.

Find Out From A Physician If You Need Spinal Surgery Or Not

Although this article can help in self-evaluation, it’s still recommended to consult a doctor. With the help of a physician, you can find out what your back’s condition is or if your spine really needs surgery or not. If you’re looking to get your spine checked up but don’t know where to go, then start with Lanman Spinal Neurosurgery. Find out about their effective treatments like cervical disc replacement surgery, or book an appointment by visiting its website today!